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As an independent window cleaner, my costs only cover the business for one person. As I am the Owner/Operator I do not need to fund multiple vehicles and personnel. Therefore that saving is passed onto you, the customer. In some cases that saving could be as much as 50% whilst maintaining a Window Cleaning service that’s every bit as professional, without the High price tag.

No.  If access is possible to the front and rear of the property your windows can be cleaned whether you’re home or not.  However, if a ladder is required to climb over your fence to gain access, please let us know at the time of your booking.

You can pay by GoCardless or BACS. Failing that I will return at a convenient time to collect Cash, Cheque or Card payment (SumUp card machine).

In my experience, it is down to the individual. If you like year-round shine dirt free windows then 6 weeks is best for you. If you do not mind a slight build-up of dirt then 12 weeks will suffice.

I will message you by Text/email on the evening before I am due to your property as a reminder.

Yes. After the clean, I mark the system as job completed and you will automatically be sent a Text/Email invoice of the completed service.

Yes, I can. I have a SkyVac that can reach over most conservatory roofs with ease, to suck out all that’s collected there. I also use a Telescopic Jet wash to ensure your gutter is flushed throughout for peace of mind.

Yes, this is perfectly fine and is recommended. All the dirt has been brushed off and thoroughly rinsed leaving nothing but purified water which will not leave water marks.

Yes and No. Yes, I can clean in moderate rain and wind. But when the weather is heavy then is not advisable. I try to avoid heavy rain even though the clean would still be of sufficient standard, it’s a personal preference. Cleaning in dry weather when the wind is gusting is not advisable in my experience. Because the windows are left wet to dry naturally, dust particles could very easily blow onto the wet windows causing them to look dirty.

This is the Disclosure and Barring Service check. It used to be called CBR check or Criminal Records Check. I annually have myself checked for customers’ peace of mind.

As a domestic customer, no. Unlike some the Bigger Companies of Franchise Companies, I do not believe in the signing of contracts on domestic properties. My word is my bond and I will always return to clean. And in return, I expect that I am always welcome to clean. However, if you sadly decide to leave I only ask for 24 hours’ notice out of respect and to avoid an embarrassing situation.

Please call me at the first instance within 48 hours of the initial clean so I can rectify the issue. This is a rarity but from time to time it can happen in this imperfect world. I offer a no quibble 100% on my clean but I must have been informed within 48 hours of cleaning and I must be given the chance to rectify the issue.

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